Candy Corn Soap Cupcakes

Candy Corn Cupcake Soap


Doesn’t everyone love candy corn! It’s gorgeous bright color, it’s a creamy sweet confection that tells us it’s Autumn! We wanted to celebrate one of our favorite fall treats by making candy corn soap cupcakes. We’re going to show you two versions of this very easy soap. It’s and easy soap to make but the results are a fun soap soap that will get you some ooohhhs and aaaahhhs. We’ve also included some candy corn tags so you can wrap your soap up and attach these cute candy corn printable tags. You can download them at the bottom of this post. (you can also see our Candy Corn Board on Pinterest with lots of candy corn goodies)

Candy Corn Cupcakes Soap in Set of Four

Supplies for the Candy Corn Cupcake Soap

1. Cupcake Soap Mold (a great mold that is very versatile)


2. Extra Clear Soap Base  (8oz for each mold)

3. White Soap Base

4.  Clear Orange Color Block Bar and Clear Lemon Color Block Bar (we love these bars for their ease of use and beautiful color!)

5.  Candy Corn Fragrance Oil (I just use a small amount about a quarter oz for two cupcakes)

6. Vanilla Neutralizer  (Candy Corn Fragrance oil has a lot of vanilla so we need this to keep our soap from turning brown)

If you haven’t made a melt and pour soap before you can check our how-to page here.


In this first(the lighter base of the cupcake) version of our cupcake soap we added 2 of our Orange color blocks to the base of white soap. This gives our melt and pour soap a creamy orange appearance. The top we just left white and for the icing we added one block of our Lemon Color block with white soap base. All the cherry like toppings on all soaps were made with clear melt and pour soap base and the one orange color block. The cupcakes below where made with the extra clear base (except for the white icing) giving the base a stained glass appearance. This cupcake mold is easy to use and you’ll use it all year round.

two candy corn cupcake halloween soaps


Candy Corn Printables

Download our printable below

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