Lather and Lotions Soap Supply Store

This week we had the grand opening of our Fort Wayne Lather and Lotions store.It was such a great success and great to see so many familiar faces as well as lots of new ones. We had lots of comments on how happy and bright the store looked. We were glad to her that because making soap is a great fun activity for everyone. We had lots of fun soaps and bath bombs out for everyone to see. We still get that question, what’s a bath bomb? Ahhh, like a new treasure to be discovered and we love to tell how to uncover its awesomeness!

For those of you who know us by name. Rachel will be manager of the new Lather and Lotions Store and Kelley will now be the warehouse manager.  Here are a few pics of our store. If you’re ever in the area drop by and say hi.

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