Stawberry and Lemon Picnic Soap Tutorial

soap recipe for strawberry soap with label


Soap and bath salt basket

Make a summer basket with your salts and soaps



Yea!! It’s almost summer. Time for fresh strawberries,picnics and swimming! We created these strawberry-lemon soap cookies to get ready for the season! We’ve also created a layered salt bath fizz for your matching picnic set. That will be on our next post.  If you’d like to dress up your strawberry and soap salt set we’ve also created some pretty matching labels and tags to go with your soap tutorial.  These soap cookies smell so good with the lively blend of lemon and strawberry and you’ll have fun making these. This soap recipe will make 4 soaps. If you haven’t made soap before or are new to melt and pour soapmaking please review our page on how to make melt and pour soap.   This tutorial also involves layering soap so be sure to watch the video on that too!


Strawberry Lemon Cookies

Be sure to down load these cute tags

Strawberry Lemon Picnic Soap Cookies

You will need:

7 oz of white soap base

3 oz of clear soap base

10 drop of Lemon Yellow liquid colorant

5 drops of Tropical Red liquid colorant

12 drops Strawberry Fragrance oil

6 drops of Lemon Fragrance Oil

Scalloped Soap Mold

small flower shaped cookie cutter, about 1/2 in 1 inch wide.

several droppers

glass containers to microwave soap

small fork or whisk to stir soap

alcohol in small spritzer bottle



1. Melt 6 1/2 oz of your white soap base for 20 seconds. Stir until melted.

2. Add your Lemon colorant and stir, then add your lemon fragrance oil.  Stir slowly until your fragrance is well incorporated.

3. Pour your lemon soap into the soap molds only filling one third of the mold. You will still have half of the soap left, place aside.

4. Wait 20-30 minutes for your poured lemon soap to dry.

5. Take your cookie cutter and place in the middle of the soap (while it’s still in the mold). Cut out the flower shape from your soap. Be sure not to lift the yellow portion of your soap up.

cookie cutter on soap mold

Place cookie cutter on soap and press








soap mold being shaped

cut away any small pieces of soap









6. Refine the edge of your soap where you cut out the flower shape. Make sure there are no jagged edges.

7. Melt your clear soap base

8. Add 5 drops of Tropical Red and 2 drops of Lemon Yellow. Stir into your melted soap.

9. Add the 12 drops of Strawberry Fragrance Oil and stir into melted soap.

10. Score your lemon soap with a fork , spritz with alcohol and then pour 1/4 of your melted red soap into each of  your soap mold cavity.

pouring a layer of red melt and pour soap

Pour your strawberry layer









11. Wait for your red layer to dry.

12. When your red layer is dry be you are going to score the top of this layer with a fork. Score up and down and across making a small square pattern. Be sure to reach to the edges.

13. Remelt the other half of your lemon(white base) soap. Place plastic wrap over it to make sure it keeps moisture in. Melt it starting at 10 seconds.

14. Spritz the top of your red layer with alcohol and then pour melted lemon soap (it should be about 120 degrees) over the red layer. Wait for the last layer to dry.

15. Leave the soap in the mold at least 12 hours. This will make it easier to remove and the soap is well set.

16. Remove from mold and wrap your soaps with our cute little strawberry tags and some ribbon.

17. To download the tags just click the arrow on the document to download. To use the tags cut with a 1 inch hole punch.













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