Capri Lemon Bath Salts Tutorial

Capri Bath Salts made with Dead Sea Salts

This bath salt is fresh and lemony. It complements our Capri Soap tutorial. We use large grain Dead Sea salts and a bit of olive oil to create a moisturizing Mediterranean bath soak. We also added some downloadable tags. You can use a rectangle paper punch or cut them out and add them to your bath salt container.


One large glass bowl

Two small glass bowls

small stainless steel wisk or stainless steel fork

Container for bath salts (do not use plastic,glass is best)



Two cups corse grain Dead Sea Bath Salts

1/2 cup of Dendritic salt

1 tablespoon of olive oil

1/2 oz of Capri Olivo Fragrance Oil



1. In one of your small glass bowls mix 2 tablespoons of your Natrasorb and one tablespoon of olive oil. It should have a consistency like pie dough, slightly crumbled and not too wet.

Mix your Natrasorb and bath salts together

2. In your other small glass bowl add the rest of your Natrasorb and fragrance oil, mix together well.

3. Place all of your Dead Sea salts in your large glass bowl, mix both of your Natrasorb mixtures into your bath salts. Mix well until you can barely see the Natrasorb mixture.

4. Place into your bath salt container.

CapriSunBathSalt-2  Here’s the link for your downloadable Capri Salt Tags (yes click the next link too!)
















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