Capri Sun Olive Oil Soap

The Island of Capri Italy, it is a beautiful place. There are several things that stand out if you are ever fortunate enough to visit this land of large lemons. Besides it’s outstanding beauty everything is very blue. The sky and the ocean encompass everything so you see a wonderful blue haze everywhere. The second thing is it has the biggest lemons I have ever seen in my life! Some are larger than the size of grapefruits. When visiting there a few years ago I was able to find an incredible lemon soap! I was so excited…two of my favorite things…soap and lemons! Sorry I don’t have a photo of it but I just used it all up when I got home. In honor of that trip I created this simple Capri soap and it’s now my favorite. It’s an easy soap to make,  but I love the simplicity and the exotic olive- lemon fragrance. I’ve used a combination  of two soap bases that work very well together. The combination creates a beautiful colored soap with a nice sheen.


The lemons on the Island of Carpri grow to be very large.



Blue waters and endless skies give Capri it's famous blue haze.



My Capri Olive Oil Soap Bar....FRESH AND LEMONY!


Below is the simple recipe to make 4 Capri Olive Oil soap bars. If you haven’t made a melt and pour soap before please check our page for the basic instructions.


You need these supplies


12 oz of SFIC olive oil soap

4 oz of SFIC shea butter soap

1 tablespoon olive oil

3/4 of an ounce of Capri  Fragrance Oil

Oliva Soap Mold

Two microwavable measuring cups

A stainless steel fork or small whisk



1. Melt your olive oil soap (go to our basic instructions if you are new) in the microwave for 20 seconds. Slowly stir any unmelted  bits of soap and put soap aside.

2. Melt your shea butter soap for 10 seconds. Stir away bits of soap or microwave for 10 more seconds for larger unmelted chunks. Pour your Shea butter soap into your olive oil soap base and stir.

3. Add your tablespoon of olive oil and stir slowly. Incorporate all of your olive oil into your soap base.

4. Add your fragrance oil and slowly stir into soap base

5. Pour your soap into your soap molds.

6. Let soap dry for at least four hours then remove from molds.

The added olive oil gives your soap a nice natural color and some extra  emollient.


These soaps are sooo pretty! I can’t wait for you to use these. They smell and feel so incredible you’ll be taken to Capri in your shower!

So Pretty



In my next post I will show you how to make Lemon- Capri matching bath salts  using Dead Sea Salts along with some matching tags.






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