The Best of Scary Soaps from Etsy


Check out these truly creepy soaps from Etsy. This first one from TWO TREES SOAP CO is just so creepy! I love how the three skulls were photographed against the black background and created the deep dark shadows. Imagine walking into someones bathroom in the dark and seeing these!




Eyeballs…Love these  very creepy slimy eyeballs! They look like they are attached to some kind of wild zombie animal! Notice the extra green sliminess around the eyes…adds to the creepy factor!  These soaps are from The Southern Tip.


How about washing up with this corpse foot from AJ Sweet Soaps! Don’t you love how the foot is sticking up right out of the tombstone on the photo! The gray color adds to the extra creepy factor!

From AJ Sweet Soaps

This next soap from The Sideshow Soap Company is a great example of how a great photograph can really translate into a mood or feeling! The soap itself is really beautiful and photographed in another setting would look “pretty”, but when photographed with this LARGE CREEPY SPIDER it really can send a shiver down your spine! I’d love to have this soap in my guest bath room with this large spider right on top!!



The Sideshow Soap Co.


I hope you enjoyed these creepy scary soaps….


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