Autumn Leaves Stained Glass Soap

I am, like so many of you, a big fan of the Fall season. It is the best season of the entire year! It is a season that fills all of the senses but primarily a wonderfully visual season. The changing of the leaves reminds us that cooler weather and the happiness the holidays bring are almost upon us. I wanted to create a soap that really captures the beauty of the season. So I came up with this stained glass soap, my little tribute to the Fall season. I hope you’ll enjoy making this soap as much as I did.



There are two things to keep in mind when making this soap… The first is….patience!! It will pay off! The second is using the right soap base. The Aloe Vera Soap Base used in this soap is really key to getting the right color. It has a blue-green tint that complements the colors used in this soap. You can use as much colorant as you want to get the color as rich as you want. One more thing! Make sure you keep bubbles out of your soap base by stirring in your colorant and fragrance oil slowly and spritzing the base with alcohol to remove them.  If you have an extra hand to help you that would be great…you’ll have more color separation if you can pour the soap bases altogether.


Supplies Needed:

1. A leaf mold, such as this Guest Leaves Mold 

2. 1lb of Aloe Vera Soap Base

3. 3/4 oz Orange Essential Oil ( or other clear vanilla free fragrance oil)

4. Red, orange and yellow colorant.

5. Cookie sheet

6. Ice cubes

7. Microwavable measuring cup

8. 3 small glass bowls or measuring cups

8. Small whisk for stirring


1. Cut up your soap into small half inch cubes. Microwave for 1 minute. Stir until all soap is melted.(If you have large chunks left microwave in 10 second spurts until soap is melted)

2. Once all soap is melted slowly stir in orange essential oil. Stir until well incorporated into soap.

3. Divide your soap evenly into 3 bowls.

4. Start with 5 drops of colorant in each bowl. Add more until you reach desired color.

Add colorant until you get to desired color










5. After all the colorant is added spritz the top of soap with alcohol to remove any bubbles.

6. Get your cookie sheet and add ice cubes. Just enough to cover about half. If you are having a hard time balancing the mold over the ice cubes, just remove the ice cubes right before pouring your soap.

Balance your soap on top of ice cubes











7. Here’s the hard part…wait. Wait for your soap to cool. The soap will form a skin on the top while cooling just remove it. Your soap will start to thicken like gelatin. You don’t want it to set but it needs to get to a  thick consistency (at about 110 degrees).

8. When your soap is ready pour your colors at the SAME time (this is where a third hand can come in handy. Pour each color slowly and evenly so your colors don’t blend.

9. Let your soap set until it is safe to move(about 15 minutes).

10. Let soap dry completely before removing from mold (at least 4 hours).

You’re going to have some beautiful soaps!













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