Candy Corn Bath Treats

These are so cute! Instead of giving friends Halloween candy this year give them another sweet treat. These little Candy Corn Bath Treats,single use bath salts have a fizzy surprise on top and they smell…so good! Easy and fun to make. They combine both the relaxing pleasure of bath salts and the pop of a skin softening, very fragrant vanilla bath fizz.

This tutorial makes three single use fizzy bath salts.

1. 12 tablespoons of fine bath grain salt

2. 3 tablespoons of vanilla bath fizz

3. 6 Drops of yellow colorant

4. 8 Drops of orange colorant

5. 12 drops of candy corn fragrance oil

6. Droppers

7. 3 mini glass jars

8. Fabric and ribbons to decorate jars.


Divide your salts (not the bath fizz) in half

Add 2-4 drops of yellow colorant to one half of salts mix well with salts until salts become yellow.

Add 2-4 drops of orange colorant mix well until salts become orange. You can add a few extra drops if desired.

Using dropper, add 6 drops of candy corn fragrance oil to each salt. Mix well until fragrance oil is well incorporated into salts.

Spread each color of bath salts out to dry onto two pieces of parchment or wax paper.

Let salts dry about 6 hours.


Set up your 3 glass jars.

Begin to layer salts.

Fill 1/3 of the jars with yellow bath salts.

Layer the orange bath salts, filling 2/3 of the jar.

Finishing the top layer by topping the jar with the Vanilla Bath Fizz.

Then decorate your jar!

To useā€¦just empty contents of jar empty into water! You’ll get lots of fragrant fizz!


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