Autumn Leaves and Pumpkins Soap Tutorial

My favorites soaps always seem to be the simplest ones to make. This is a very easy recipe but it makes a very elegant soap. When you make these beautiful soaps, you will fill the room with the wonderful aroma of a fresh baked pumpkin pie. The trick is not to add too much nutmeg. You need just enough to give your soap a nice speckling effect.

This recipe is for the 6 soaps. If you want to make fewer soaps just adjust the recipe accordingly.


Pumpkin Cheesecake Fragrance Oil  1oz

Shea Butter Melt and Pour Soap  24 oz

Autumn Leaves and Pumpkins Soap Mold

Vanilla Color Stabilizer 1oz

Pinch Organic Nutmeg (a small pinch)


1. Cut your soap into 1/2 inch squares and put into a large microwavable measuring cup. Melt on high for 1 minute. Remove. If there a still large chunks microwave in 10 second intervals until soap is melted(or stir away very small chunks).

2. Mix your 1 oz of Pumpkin Cheesecake Fragrance Oil with your 1 oz of vanilla stabilizer. Stir. Let sit for exactly 2 minutes. Stir into melted soap.

3. Add your pinch of nutmeg (make sure you rub it between your fingers to loosen the grains) and stir slowly into soap. Make sure the nutmeg is well incorporated into soap.

4. Pour into soap molds.

5. Wait until soaps are completely set (about 4 hours) and remove.


Enjoy! Happy Fall !



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