Faux Hot Process Soap Loaf

I love the look of hot processed soap! Its lumpy texture screams handmade. Many of us don’t make soaps with lye or we may not have the time. Here is an easy recipe that will give the look a hot process soap without all fuss. It is a beautiful and easy soap to make. We used our Shea Butter soap base and essentials oils. This is a pretty soap that doesn’t use any artificial colorants or fragrances. Our soap is called Heather Rose Shea Loaf, and it’s a truly beautiful soap loaf. Inspired by garden colors.

This is an easy soap to make but here are a few pointers for success. The melted portion of your soap should not be too cold, make sure it is at least 125 degrees. Your melted soap and shredded soap need to be molded and pressed together into your loaf pan. Make sure you use an utensil that can press your soap loaf down(you want your loaf to be one solid bar). Be sure your soap is completely cool before removing. If you don’t have a soap loaf pan you can use a bread  silicone mold.

Recipe for Heather Rose Shea Loaf Soap


50 oz Shea Butter melt and pour soap base

1 cup organic dried heather flowers

1.5 oz Rose Geranium Eo

15 drops Orange EO

1-2 tablespoons organic Rose Powder

1. Cut your shea butter soap into large slices  and shred 35 oz of  your soap with manual shredder.

2. Set aside 15 oz of soap into a separate bowl and cut into 1/2 inch chunks. Put into the microwave for 1 minute, if soap is not completely melted put in for 10 more seconds, repeating if necessary.  Stir until all the soap is melted. Add the rose powder, stirring until it is smooth(your pink rose powder will turn a moss green, if you want a deeper green color add more rose powder.)

3. Add  essential oils to your melted soap mixture.

4. Add your melted soap  mixture (make sure your melted soap is at least 125 degrees) to your shredded soap. Working quickly(you can use a fork or spoon), work shredded soap and melted soap together until it mixed well. Your green mixture should melt slighty into white shredded soap. Scoop mixture into your mold and press hard.

5. Press your mixture down as hard as you can.

6. Press your heather flowers onto the top of your soap(to make heather flowers adhere you can pour a little melted soap on top of your soap loaf and then add flowers)

7. Let soap cool completely and remove from mold. Slice soap.

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