Honey Bee Bath Salts

Bath Salts with Buttery Honey Fragrance OIl



So pretty and soooo easy! These wonderful smelling bath salts are a great gift to make or to treat yourself!! We used a glass milk bottle to package these pretty salts up and topped the bottle with some bright fabric and a gorgeous bee ribbon.In this bath salt recipe we use Natrasorb. Natrasorb is a wonderful product to use in your bath salts and bath bombs. It holds the fragrance oil and releases it’s scent when the bath salts are release into the bath water. Your fragrance won’t fade as quickly and  your bath salts can be poured into your container right way instead of having to dry for hours.

Here is the easy recipe.


6 cups of bath salts (you can use Dead Sea Salts)

1 scant teaspoon of yellow colorant

1 tablespoon of Oatmeal, Milk & Honey fragrance oil

1 tablespoon of Natrasorb

1. Divide your bath salts into 2 bowls

2. Mix your yellow colorant and one portion of the bath salts into one of the bowls and mix well.

3. In a separate small bowl mix fragrance oil and Natrasorb together. This mixture should be a paste like consistency.

Natrasorb and fragrance oil will form a paste


Natrasorb mixture mixing with white bath salts

4. Mix your Natrasorb/Fragrance mixture into the uncolored portion of your bath salts and mix together.

5. Pour 1 1/2  cup of bath salts at a time into your glass container, alternating colors and tilting the bottle for each layer.

6. Put cap on bottle and top with some pretty fabric and ribbon!





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