Cucumber with Calendula Soap Bar


Bamboo with Calendula Soap Bar
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The simplest things can be most beautiful. Like this cucumber calendula soap bar, made in an olive oil base. This is a very easy soap to make with impressive results and a great soap for beginners. The key to this soap is keeping every thing scant. Less is more with handmade soap. Using just a drop or two of green to keep the color very light and transparent will give you the best effect. Use just a small amount a calendula so you don't overwhelm the soap. Our calendula is a very rich color so you don't need much to get a stunning effect. The cucumber fragrance used in this soap is light and very "spa like" .
Tutorial Type: Melt and Pour
: Melt and Pour Easy
Makes: 1 soap
  1. Cut your olive oil soap into ½ inch squares.
  2. Place into a glass microwavable glass measuring cup and put soap on high for 15 seconds. Remove melted olive oil soap and stir away any unmelted pieces of soap.
  3. Add one drop of green colorant and stir until color is evenly distributed into soap.
  4. Stir in colorant..add another drop if desired.
  5. Drop in fragrance oil, stir in slowly.
  6. Stir in your calendula petals, only adding a few at a time so they don't clump.
  7. Pour into mold and let set for at least 4 hours
  8. Remove from mold and enjoy!
You can try a few other colors with basic recipe. A pink colorant would be nice with the calendula flowers.

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