Rose Pink Spa Salts Using Pink Himalayan Salts


I love Pink Himalayan Bath Salts. Pink Himalayan Salt is a pure hand mined salt that is derived from the ancient sea salt deposits. The salts are naturally pink (more link a coral pinkish) in color and are varied in color depth.  It is considered to be the purest salt available. Using these salts is a real treat, it makes your skin incredibly soft. The pink rose hips are natural are natural deep rose color and are high in vitamin C.This is a simple recipe but it looks very elegant. Because of the high mineral content you less in your tub than other bath salts.


One pound Pink Himalayan Salt

One tablespoon of rose hips (either cut into little pieces or already chopped)

10 drops of rose essential oil or rose fragrance oil (you can also use rose-geranium essential oil, it’s cheaper than rose EO)

In a large glass bowl mix your salts and rose hips together. Add your drops of rose essential oil and stir it through your salts and rose hips. Spread out flat to dry at least 6 hours.  Put into container.

To use: drop one to two tablespoons of bath salts into a warm tub. Pink Himalayan Salts take a bit longer to dissolve.








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