Peppermint Bath Party


Christmas time is upon us and anything Peppermint is on most of our minds.  Those iconic red & white stripes and crisp, minty essence bring us back to wonderful childhood memories.  Who says that we can only enjoy the wonderful world of Peppermint in baked goods and candies?  With these three easy, and fun do-it-yourself bath projects, you can bring home the invigorating qualities of Peppermint right into your bath using Peppermint Essential Oil! Project 1- Peppermint Bark Soap To make … [Read more...]

Simple Rosemary Soap

Rosemary Soap Mold

Brand New from Lather and Lotions! Beautiful clamshell mold to show off your Rosemary essential oil and Rosemary fragrance oil! Rosemary is a great essential oil to use in soap because it is stronger than many other essential oils. When using Rosemary EO in melt and pour soap try and get the temperature of the soap down to about 125 (or even lower!) before adding your essential oil. This will help your scent stick in your soap. High heat can evaporate the essential oil. This makes a great big … [Read more...]

Beginners Guide to Cold Process Soap Making 10 Things You Need to Know

handmade soap with hands

  Welcome to the world of making soap...from scratch!! There are so many great ways to make soap and so many recipes that you will be exploring the possibilities for many years to come. There are a few things about making soap from scratch that you should know.   1. First read our safety guide. Safety should always be the first thing you think about when you make soap. Don't skip this step, not even once. This is the number one rule of soap making. 2. Don't add food to your … [Read more...]

How to Make Cold Process Soap

Make Cold Process soap

How To Make Cold Process Soap Before beginning, please read and familiarize yourself with the Safety Practices for Making Cold Process Soaps ( and gather all of your Supplies for Cold Process Soapmaking ( Also, read this entire tutorial before beginning!! Set up space where you can place all of your supplies and … [Read more...]

The Line Sheet Look Book

A page of a line sheet with jewelry on it

I am very impressed with Simone Howard and her business. Simone is a trained graphic and web designer who has been helping her clients for over 10 years. Simone not only does wonderful graphic and web design work but she found her way into a much needed business niche. Her Line Sheet Look Book business is a perfect example of recognizing a market opportunity and creating a business out of it. The Line Sheet Look Book is an affordable service that creates lines sheets for small businesses. Simone … [Read more...]

Cinco de Mayo Pinata Soap

Donkey soap

Put a little festivity into your soap making projects! May is the month of Cico de Mayo so we wanted to show you something festive. We decided to make a round soap with a donkey pinata on top surrounded by colorful confetti. This is a soap making technique you'll be able to use again and again for embeds.  This is a fun little soap to make and kids will love it too! Supplies: Silicone Basic Round mold Cylinder silicone mold (or other basic shape soap mold) 6 vinyl Fiesta Donkeys 1 ounce … [Read more...]

Gel Colorants For Soap Provide Luscious Deep Color

Colorant Chart of soap colors

Lather and Lotions Gel Colorants provide bright vivacious color for soaps, bath bombs, bath salts and more! In our chart we used 5 drops of colorant for each ounce of soap. You can see how concentrated these Gel Colorants are! You can still get a nice rich deep color with about 2-3 drops per oz, even less for clear melt and pour soap. These are the best soap colorants we've found, they are easy to use and very affordable. We have a few more colors that are not on the chart but you can find at … [Read more...]

Tips for Selling Handmade Soap at Craft Shows

craft show collage

So, you have mastered the art of soapmaking, and practiced and honed your skills until your rooms, closets and showers are overflowing with fragrant bars of your handmade soap. You have friends and family to give your soaps to, but they are still threatening to spill out of the closet the next time you open the door to stuff that one last bar in. You are thinking that you would like to try selling your soaps, but where to start? Craft shows are a great way to see if you enjoy selling. They … [Read more...]

Meet Our New Team Member

Photograph of Cee How Do I Make Soap Blogger

  I am excited to introduce you to our newest Lather and Lotions team member, Cee. Cee has been working with us for a while and is a great asset to the Lather and Lotions team. Like the rest of the Lather and Lotions team her enthusiasm for  soap, bath and body products can't be contained. Cee will be sharing with How Do I Make Soap readers tutorials and tips for making all kinds of bath and body products, including her favorite product, cold process soap. Cee has been making bath … [Read more...]

Lather & Lotions Academy Feature: Bath Bomb Blaster Class


I love making bath bombs, almost as much as love using them :) But for some bath & body crafters,  bath bomb making can present a challenge. Many people attempt to make bath bombs at home but fail to achieve the result that their expensive Lushy counterparts have. I'm here to tell that bath bomb success is within reach! If you've somehow been living under a rock  you might not know what a bath bomb is, or the benefits it adds to your bath time routine (there are many). If you suffer with … [Read more...]